Strengthening the global health dialogue: linking research networks in the Global South



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Myriad challenges arise when implementing health measures in middle- and low-income countries. Social, economic and sectoral constraints impede the application of research results and recommendations from national or international organizations. In these countries, platforms in partnership for research and training (dP) developed by CIRAD and partners in the health sector contribute unique and valuable experience. These platforms represent regional networks and foster intersectoral collaborative exchanges involving research, various social sectors and public and private governance levels. In the long term, they seek to develop networks of actors and policymakers while fostering innovation in different local and national contexts. This experience is now ripe for consolidating interactions at a more global level—linking regional health-oriented networks and building a platform of global scope. The concerned platforms collaborate to develop a shared vision of the targeted impacts and strategies to achieve them.


Biographie des auteurs

François Roger, CIRAD, UMR ASTRE

François Roger is a veterinarian and epidemiologist at CIRAD, where he is co-Director of the Animal, Health, Territories, Risks and Ecosystems joint research unit (UMR ASTRE, Following several years of activity in sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Asia, he is currently based in Réunion, where he coordinates several cross-sectoral and multi-site research projects on health issues.

Aurelle de Romémont, CIRAD, DGDRS

Aurelle de Romémont is an Impact Evaluation Officer in the Technology Transfer and Development Office (Research Impact and Marketing Service) at CIRAD. She contributes to the development of CIRAD’s impact assessment culture by supporting researchers and project developers in implementing the ImpresS ex ante approach (,

Aurélie Binot, CIRAD, UMR ASTRE, Univ Montpellier

Aurélie Binot is an anthropologist and agronomist on the UMR ASTRE research team at CIRAD. She contributes to the Unit’s scientific activities while also participating in projects and networks focused on collective emerging risk management at the human-animal-environment interface.

Étienne Loire, CIRAD, UMR ASTRE, Univ Montpellier

Étienne Loire is a geneticist and bioinformatician on the UMR ASTRE research team at CIRAD. He contributes to the Unit’s scientific activities and to the analysis of its bibliometric production, in addition to his research on the evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases and resistance.

Philippe Girard, CIRAD, DGDRS

Philippe Girard is CIRAD’s Regional Director for Continental Southeast Asia (CIRAD, Vietnam,, while also being the Representative of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRAE, and of the French Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute (IAVFF/Agreenium,


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CIRAD platforms in partnership for research and training (dPs) mentioned

- dP CaribVET, Caribbean Animal Health Network (

- dP GREASE, Emerging Diseases in Southeast Asia (

- dP One Health OI, One Health Network – Indian Ocean (

- dP RP-PCP, Production and conservation in partnership in southern Africa (

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