Micropropagation "in vitro" de deux espèces de gombo : "Abelmoshus esculentus" et "Abelmoschus cannabinus"


Yézoumi Akogo
Atsou Aidam
Komi Odah
Akossiwa Madjé Quashie


Two species of okra were micropropagated in vitro from single nodal shoots, starting from primary explants obtained from seedlings. During the initiation phase, both species grew and developed satisfactorily. Whereas A. cannabinus maintained its regenerative capacity even after three propagation-phase subcultures, A. esculentus gradually started losing it from the second subculture on, and formed early flower buds.


Laboratoire de physiologie végétale ; Département de botanique ; Faculté des Sciences ; Université du Bénin ; BP 1515 ; Lomé ; Togo.