Description de formations à "Cedrus atlantica" Manetti du massif central du Djurdjura (Algérie)


Aomar Benmouffok


The forest ecosystem of Algeria's Middle Djurdjura region, dominated by Cedrus atlantica Manetti, is seriously damaged and regeneration may prove difficult. Based on transects made in various C. atlantica Manetti communities, the author investigates the main influences (ecological, or due to human activities) affecting existing plant communities, and examines variations in forest facies alongside modifications to the soil. Observation and analysis show that forest facies are not correlated with soil, but depend essentially on anthropic activities. Soils, on the other hand, are mainly related to geo-climatic and oro-topographic conditions.


Université de Tizi-Ouzou ; institut d'agronomie ; département pédologie ; BP 17 RP ; 15000 Tizi-Ouzou ; Algérie.